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The Public Support Groups

Tuesdays and Thursdays have open to the public alcoholics support groups.

Puppy Yoga

It can be hard to find time to relax or decompress, especially if you feel stressed about having to face your addiction finally.

Support Group

Alcohol addiction can affect all parts of a person’s life and relationships and damage them.

Help For Families

Alcohol addiction is all too common a problem to develop these days. People often drink alcohol for fun or to relieve stress. When done for the latter it is easy to become too dependent on alcohol. Becoming addicted to alcohol can often be a process that isn’t noticed.

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Family Intervention

A family intervention is scheduled so a counselor can assist and help make a plan for treatment for your loved one. Everyone who is involved can be there, and everyone can approach together.

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416 Community

The Beaumont Addiction Treatment Center of Texas has been around for the last eight years providing treatment. We give treatment to those who suffer from the disease of alcohol addiction.

Our Treatment Options

There isn’t a pill or medicine to cure alcohol. Instead, there are FDA approved medications that can assist helping people who choose to become sober. There are only three medications approved for this in the United States.
Treatment for alcoholism that has been around for many years is the commonly known Alcoholics Anonymous. Support groups can be an integral component of any recovery process.


Marion Richardson

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Marion has a deep history of behavioral healthcare. He has had his own personal experience with addiction in his family and the recovery process, so he is knowledgeable about it. That mixed with his leadership and management skills mean he has his unique twist to handling the center.

Lorena Dickens

Co-Founder/Director Of Business Development

Lorena herself suffered a long term addiction to opiates and alcohol that she did eventually beat as a teen. She has been clean for the last ten years. She started as a house manager for sober living home, and that helped provide the basis for where she wanted to continue her life’s work helping others.


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