The Public Support Groups

Tuesdays and Thursdays have open to the public alcoholics support groups. These are meant to foster a sense of unity in the community, and everyone is welcome, even people who have not gone through our treatment program.

This is a great way to see what the Beaumont Addiction Treatment Center is all about and to feel our good vibes. A community is only as strong as we are united. People need the chance to understand what addiction is all about or see what could happen if they took that first step to get treatment.

We usually have graduates of our treatment program speak of their accomplishments since leaving the program and what has helped them. We also allow those present to talk or ask questions that they might have. This is meant to be friendly and informational. Donuts are available.

Puppy Yoga

It can be hard to find time to relax or decompress, especially if you feel stressed about having to face your addiction finally. That is why we have weekly early morning yoga with puppies. Yes, you read that correctly, adorable and playful puppies.

These puppies come from the local shelter or rescues and are fully vaccinated and evaluated for friendliness and attitude toward other dogs.

We guide you through a low key and low energy yoga lesson while the puppies are free to roam, explore, cuddle, and probably pee in corners. Don’t worry, you are not expected to clean up after them =)

Being around animals produces natural dopamine chemicals meant to make you feel good. We love to give our patients the chance to experience the animal magic and cuddles, along with the potential laughter they may cause.

Monday mornings we have these classes for those in the treatment center.