At the Beaumont Addiction treatment center, we have a trained and professional staff that are here to meet your needs. The experience and skill of our team combined includes over a hundred years of addiction treatment service.

Our staff is comparing and compassionate and helps us use treatment options most effective for treating addiction. The focus of each of our staff is the individual’s treatment and a path to recovery. Everyone should have what they need to get their life back on track and focus on them.

Along with every step of the way through the drug recovery and rehabilitation process our staff is there. They are supportive and educated and ready to help without judgment. Everyone should be comfortable while progressing to the next step and be on track to their goals for their life improvement.

Marion Richardson

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Marion has a deep history of behavioral healthcare. He has had his own personal experience with addiction in his family and the recovery process, so he is knowledgeable about it. That mixed with his leadership and management skills mean he has his unique twist to handling the center.

He wants to give the best care possible to those who are often overlooked by society. Having a disease like alcohol addiction doesn’t make you lesser, and it is his goal to prove that. He provides excellent patient care and is involved at all levels of the center.

Lorena Dickens

Co-Founder/Director Of Business Development

Lorena herself suffered a long term addiction to opiates and alcohol that she did eventually beat as a teen. She has been clean for the last ten years. She started as a house manager for sober living home, and that helped provide the basis for where she wanted to continue her life’s work helping others.